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Jo Yeates...the 'lovely Vincent'

Vincent Tabak: girlfriend’s parents describe architectural engineer as “lovely”

Friday, January 21st, 2011
The parents of Tanja Morso, girlfriend of Vincent Tabak, confirmed their daughter was in a relationship with the ”lovely Vincent”.Vincent Tabak: girlfriend's parents describe architectural engineer as
Geoffrey Morson, the father of Tanja Morson, said he had not heard from his daughter.
Speaking on the driveway of his large, detatched home in Cambridge, Mr Morson claimed he had no knowledge of a recent arrest.
He said: ”We are a very close family and I speak to my daughter all the time but she has not told me anything. I do not know if he [Vincent Tabak] is her boyfriend or not.
”He’s a boy’s, she’s a girl and they are friendly with each other.
”Obviously this is a murder investigation and the public have the right to know about it but I don’t know any more than I have read in the newspapers.”
His wife Elizabeth added: ”We saw what happened to the landlord and we don’t want the same to happen to lovely Vincent.”
Police officers were yesterday in attendance at Mr Tabak’s workplace in Bath, Somerset.
Two men, believed to be plain clothed officers, removed items from the offices of Buro Happold
Staff who were approached outside the tall building, situated by the River Avon, refused to confirm whether they knew the 32-year-old.
A marked police van and at least one unmarked police car were parked in the staff car park throughout the day.
The car park, to the right of the building, was sealed off with cones and white signs reading: This car is reserved for Buro Happold staff only.
The signs were moved by a young male staff member to allow police or other employees to pass.
Mr Tabak refused to comment on the case when he was contacted about the Jo Yeates case shortly after Christmas. He hung up the phone when contacted by a journalist.
Police yesterday searched Vincent Tabak’s flat – which is adjoining the property Jo Yeates lived in.
Adrian Hearn
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Jo Yeates: Chris Jefferies is he still a suspect or not ????

Jo Yeates...some good points from a blogger...

He doesn't look or sound like the aggressive type.
 On top of that it's hard to see what his motive would be given that he's in a relationship & there's apparently no evidence to show the crime as sexually motivated - if it wasn't sexually motivated then what was the reason if he didn't know her?
 Also he doesn't have a car.
 Why would he put himself under the pressure just before departing on his Christmas holidays of having to borrow a car to dispose of his neighbour's dead body!
Also, if he's as bright as claimed wouldn't it have occurred to him that he'd come under close scrutiny if his neighbour was murdered and also why would he have disposed of the body so ineptly?

It doesn't feel like it was him from what I've seen which is why I'm interested I guess but I only know the limited info that's been in the papers of course!
 If it was pre-meditated then the guy can't be as bright as claimed, but at the same time he doesn't seem the type to fly of the handle and murder someone on the spur of the moment.
 There may have been a relationship between the 2 going on that no-one else was aware of but that would have been less likely if both had partners also living with them. All in all very strange!

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'Would you like some cheese 2 go with that whine?' Cher launches bizarre Twitter rant after Burlesque Oscar snub

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 6:06 PM on 26th January 2011

After the song she sung in the film Burlesque won itself a Golden Globe, it was quite understandable that Cher would expect it to earn an Oscar nomination.

But when the Oscar shortlists were announced on Tuesday, You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me was noticeably absent from the Best Original Song category - which has proven to be a huge disappointment for the singer-actress.

In fact she was so upset by its lack of nomination that she took to Twitter to express her disbelief - leading to a bizarre rant when someone else hit back at her 'gripes'.
Not happy: Cher expressed her disappointment on Twitter after You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me missed out on the Oscars shortlist
Not happy: Cher expressed her disappointment on Twitter after You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me missed out on the Oscars shortlist

'We didn't get a nomination 4 best song ! That sucks ! Diane's song Is so beautiful ! It's hard to understand how u win,' she began, referring to songwriter Diane Warren who composed the track.


Seemingly though that was not enough for the 64-year-old, who tried to look on the bright side by saying, 'The Golden Globe 4 BEST SONG & not even get nominated by the OSCARS? Oh well it is..what it is....the sun is still shining!'

And just moments later she pondered the lack of nomination with a further tweet: 'maybe she would have had a better chance if someone else was singing it ?!! IT JUST CANT B HER SONG.'
Tweeting frenzy: Cher tried to look on the bright side at first but then launched into rant mode
Tweeting frenzy: Cher tried to look on the bright side at first but then launched into rant mode

Clearly however her tweets had a negative effect on one of her followers, for the next time Cher posted on her Twitter page it was to hit back at someone who had accused her of 'griping' and asked 'would you like some cheese 2 go with that whine?'

She promptly responded by accusing the person of having a 'lack of respect and total disregard' before ending with a curt 'Up Yours Dude!xxxxxxCHER.'

And as a parting shot she offered: Whatever Your Name Is?? It is With TOTAL Disregard & Complete Lack Of respect ..... That i Wish u Goodnight & Goodfknluck xxxxCher !'
On screen: Cher performed the song You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me in Burlesque, which also stars Christina Aguilera
On screen: Cher performed the song You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me in Burlesque, which also stars Christina Aguilera

You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me lost out in the best original song category to songs from 127 Hours, Toy Story 3, Tangled and the Gwyneth Paltrow film Country Strong.

It won the Golden Globe in the same category earlier this month - but despite its win, and also being nominated for the best comedy or musical film, it has failed to win any Oscar nominations.

However Cher - who plays nightclub owner Tess in the film alongside Christina Aguilera - has received a nod for Worst Supporting Actress in this year's Razzie nominations, which honour the worst movies of the year.

Read more:

Jo Yeates and idle speculation....

update - 23/01/11
Funny how the arrest of neighbour Vincent Tabak arrives at exactly the same time a 'high-level' review of the case was scheduled.

A ‘28-day review’ is routinely held by a senior investigating officer either from within the force - or from outside it.

And with the cost of the investigation already reported to be sailing over the £1 million mark, my guess it might have been conducted from outside.

 On January 13th The Daily Mail and several other publications reported that if the situation continues for another '11 days' a high-level review would be conducted. That would be tommorow.

For the life of me I cannot think why a killer with 48 hour access to Joanna Yeate's flat (her boyfriend was 'away' in Sheffield) did not try to dispose of the cider bottles, her jacket and her boots to make it look like Joanna had never made it home to her flat that evening.

That would have been so easy to do for a neighbour - especially as the alarm had not been raised - and would not be raised for a full two days.

 The killer - whoever he or she was - seemed keen to reassure Police that Joanna had returned to the flat that evening by leaving her belongings for all to see.

I can't believe Vincent would have been that careless.

 If the DNA tests are accurate they are more indicative of consensual foreplay than a sexual assault.

 Keystone have nothing on the Avon chaps.

They screwed up and would rather play for time by charging some innocent bloke than plough further time and resources into correcting their mistakes and having their leading officer move on. Here's a Home Office guide to the 28-day progress more at link....
During the investigation there were some good points picked up on...

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Jo Yeates : Woman in a suitcase ? Watch video and see how easy it may have been done...


Jo Yeates, the architect murdered in Bristol, may have been carried from her flat in a suitcase or holdall, it has been reported.

Jo Yeates killer 'could have taken her from flat in suitcase'
Image 1 of 3
Joanna Yeates Photo: PA
Police are said to be working on the theory that Miss Yeates, 25, was killed inside the flat, put inside the bag then transported into a vehicle where she might have been left for several days.
A source told the Sun newspaper: "Information has come to light which is set to take the inquiry into a significant, and different, direction.
"The investigation team believe they have made a very important breakthrough."
Detectives are working on the bag theory because they have found no signs of dragging on Miss Yeates' body.
Officers disclosed earlier in the week that she had not eaten the pizza she had bought in the hours before she was strangled.

UTAH: Salt Lake..where cops can kill in cold blood.

American torture of Bradley Manning

Joanna Yeates murder accused in bail bid

Tuesday, 25 January 2011
The man accused of killing Bristol woman Joanna Yeates is expected to apply for bail.Dutch engineer Vincent Tabak, Miss Yeates' next door neighbour, appeared in court on Monday accused of her murder.
The 32-year-old was remanded in custody at Bristol Magistrates' Court charged with killing the 25-year-old landscape architect.
Tabak, of Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol, was remanded to appear at Bristol Crown Court next Monday.
He is charged with murdering Miss Yeates some time between December 16 and December 26. She disappeared on December 17 and her body was discovered on Christmas Day.
Paul Cook, representing Tabak, confirmed that his client wished to apply for bail and said Tabak would be present for that application at the Crown Court on Tuesday.
Tabak's arrest was the second to be made by detectives since Miss Yeates' frozen body was found dumped in a lane on the outskirts of Bristol by a couple walking their dog. She had been strangled.
The university graduate disappeared after going for Christmas drinks with colleagues at her architectural firm in Bristol.
Her boyfriend, Greg Reardon, 27, reported her missing after he returned to the rented flat they shared on December 19 following a weekend away visiting family in Sheffield.
A huge police operation swung into action after her body was found on the verge in Longwood Lane, Failand, North Somerset.

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Moscow airport explosion – live updates

• At least 35 people killed and more than 130 injured in suicide bombing at Russia's biggest airport, state-run TV reports
Click here for a summary of what we know so far
• Read more: Domodedovo airport hit by deadly bombing

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Domodedovo airport in Moscow following bomb blast
Domodedovo airport in Moscow following the bomb blast today

Interfax is reporting that Russian investigators have found a head that is presumed to have belonged to the suicide bomber. The Guardian cannot confirm this.
Dan Milmo sends the following on British Airways flight 874:
Dan Milmo Flight BA 874 to Domodedovo, due to arrive at 7.35pm Moscow time (4.35pm GMT), was halfway to Moscow when the blast occurred and returned to Heathrow. BA said it was reviewing whether the third daily flight, BA880, taking off at 9.55pm from Heathrow, will go ahead.
The Associated Press has more from Vladimir Markin, the spokesman for the investigative committee looking into the explosion. Markin said a suicide bomber most likely carried out the attack, and said experts were now trying to identify the suspected bomber.
There seems to be some discrepancy over the number of dead. Yelena Galanova, a spokeswoman for Domodedovo airport, has said 35 people were killed. But the Emergencies Ministry said 31 people were killed, 51 hospitalised with injuries and 94 given medical treatment.
Some Russian media reports say the bomb was packed with shrapnel, screws and ball bearings, according to the Associated Press.
AP has more eyewitness reports:
Car rental agent Alexei Spiridonov, 25, was at his desk when the blast struck about 100 yards away.
"The explosion was so strong that it threw me against the wall," he told the Associated Press outside the airport. "People were panicking, rushing out of the hall or looking for their relatives. There were people just lying in blood."
Yelena Zatserkovnaya, a Lufthansa official, said she was a similar distance away. "There was lots of blood, severed legs flying around."
Airport workers were using baggage trolleys to cart out the injured, she said.
The agency has just filed this line: "Russian investigators say suicide bomber most likely carried out attack on Moscow airport."
My colleague Dan Milmo has been speaking to Norman Shanks, an industry consultant and former head of security at airport group BAA. Shanks says increased observation of passengers is the only sensible solution to the new threat – even though airports in Istanbul and Addis Ababa have screened all visitors before they enter terminals.
"It is not practical to check everyone coming into the airport meet-and-greet area," he says, adding added that profiling only identifies a threat rather than neutralising it. "The danger is that once that person is spotted they could trigger the device, when there probably will be lots of people still around them."
There are pictures of the aftermath of the attack here. Warning: these images are very graphic.
Barack Obama has condemned the "outrageous act of terrorism against the Russian people". His spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said the United States was ready to extend any assistance to Moscow that it required in connection with the airport attack.
Here is an updated map explaining exactly where the attack took place.
Graphic: location of the bomb at Domodedovo airport Graphic: location of the bomb at Domodedovo airport Photograph: Graphic
Interfax is reporting that two foreigners were injured as a result of
the explosion. Both are now in hospital. No details yet on their nationalities. Both have been hospitalised, the agency says.
Sorry for the confusion about whether the blast took place in departures or arrivals. It was arrivals. My colleagues in the graphics department are preparing another map now.
Despite the attack the airport seems to have remained open, my colleague Jonathan Haynes reports. Here is the departures board.
Medical staff wheel a victim of the bomb explosion at Domodedovo airport from an emergency vehicle Medical staff help a victim of the explosion. Photograph: Reuters
Luke Harding, the Guardian's Moscow correspondent, has just sent me this about a warning Russia's security agencies received before today's blast, according to news agencies. Luke writes:
Luke Harding byline. Russia's security agencies received a warning ahead of today's blast of a possible attack on a Moscow airport, news agencies reported this afternoon.
"We received information that in one of Moscow's airports a terrorist attack could possibly take place," a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti. The source said police had been searching for three suspects. The three apparently managed to penetrate the territory
surrounding the airport, with the suicide operation possibly carried out by one of them. The other two monitored the explosion and then left, the official suggested. The suicide bomber appears to have got into the building unchallenged, taken the lift up to the second floor and then blown himself up in the general access area of the international arrivals zone, he added.
Russian opposition bloggers immediately demanded to know why security measures had not been enhanced at airports in response to the tip-off. Oleg Kozlovsky, an opposition activist, tweeted: "If the FSB [Russian's domestic anti-terrorism agency] knew about the warning a week ago, why didn't they check passengers arriving at airports?"
Another source told the Interfax: "According to intelligence, three men may have been involved in organizing the explosion, men who have been living in the region of the [Russian] capital for some time. They have been put on the wanted list." He said the three men were believed to be militants from Russia's North Caucasus. They allegedly had connections to two women, one of whom blew herself up at a range practice club in Moscow on 31 December and the other was arrested in Volgograd, Russia, later.
"It can't be ruled out that one of the three blew himself up at Domodedovo," the source said.
A team of investigators today began sifting through video footage from security cameras at Domodedovo airport and requested a list of mobile phone users in this area. CCTV cameras are installed both inside the airport and in the surrounding area.
My colleague Dan Milmo sends this from Philip Baum, the editor of Aviation Security International, who said the attack had confirmed the worst fears of industry experts.
The aviation security community has been talking for years about the threat of of suicide bombers detonating themselves at airports so it is no surprise that this has happened.
Moscow Domodedovo international airport bomb Medical staff with injured people at Domodedovo airport after today's bomb. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images
Another eyewitness report, this one from Jeremy Spencer, a businessman who was in the immigration hall when the explosion went off.
He told BBC News there was a "loud bang and then the ceiling and the floor shook where we were standing".
Dust started to appear from the ceiling. People immediately grabbed their telephones to see what had happened. I didn't realise it was quite so major. It was only getting out of the airport we found out what had happened.
The Reuters news agency has another eyewitness report, this one from Yekaterina Alexandrova, a translator who was waiting in the crowded arrivals area to meet a client flying in from abroad. She said:
The explosion was right near me, I was not hit but I felt the shockwave; people were falling. Smoke started to gather – there was a lot of smoke. Many of the injured went outside on their own in a state of shock. Then they began to announce information about where to exit.
Reuters also reports on video footage of dozens of people lying on the floor in the airport as smoke fills the hall and a fire burns along one wall. Airport staff were shown using torches to pick their way through the chaotic scene taped off immediately after the blast.
Vladimir Putin, the prime minister and former president, has staked his political reputation on quelling the rebellion in the North Caucasus, the news agency reports.
He launched a war in late 1999 in Chechnya to topple a secessionist government. That campaign achieved its immediate aim and helped him to the presidency months later, but since then insurgency has spread to neighbouring Ingushetia and Dagestan.
"It does not ... bode well for Russian ties to the North Caucasus and is yet another sign that what Putin started in 1999 by invading the rebellious republic of Chechnya has come home to roost again in the Russian capital," said Glen Howard, president of the US Jamestown Foundation research institution.
"The bomb blast at Domodedevo will further strengthen the view among the Russian elite that Putin is losing control over security in the capital, which plays into the hands of his enemies."
Analysts say rebels are planning to increase violence in the run up to 2012 presidential elections, that may well see Putin returning to the presidency. Security has been beefed up at Moscow's other two airports, which will also receive diverted passengers who were flying towards Domodedovo, media reported.
Live blog: recap
Here is a summary of what we know so far:
• At least 35 people have been killed and more than 130 injured in an apparent suicide bombing at Russia's biggest airport, Domodedovo. Sources say three men are suspected of the attack.
• Experts are blaming the attack on Islamist militants from Russia's North Caucasus, who have vowed to attack the Russian heartland.
British Airways and BMI are attempting to gather information about passengers who landed at the airport on two planes from London before the bomb went off. There is no evidence of British casualties at this point.
Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, has confirmed the "preliminary theory" that this was a terrorist attack, and said security will be stepped up at transport hubs and the perpetrators tracked down and punished. He has postponed a trip to Davos.
Update: Thirty-five people have been killed, according to a spokeswoman for the airport.
William Hague Photograph: David W Cerny/Reuters
William Hague (left), the foreign secretary, has put out a statement about the attack:
I am deeply shocked and saddened at today's explosion at Moscow's Domodedovo airport with the loss of many lives. On behalf of the UK I send condolences to all those who have lost relatives or been injured.
British officials are in urgent contact with the Russian authorities to establish the facts and to provide consular support to any British nationals who may have been affected.
Matthew Clement, a Russia analyst at IHS Global Insight, says the attack is "almost certainly the work of Islamist militants operating out of Russia's North Caucasus region". Clement says militants in the area have increased the "tempo and scale" of their attacks over the past three years, operating under the loose banner of the North Caucasus Emirate, a jihadist group calling for the creation of an Islamic caliphate across the North Caucasus. Clement goes on:
Although the majority of attacks undertaken by the insurgents are aimed against the security forces and government officials in the North Caucasus itself (in particular the republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria), attacks have increasingly been aimed at high-profile targets across Russia, as illustrated by the March 2010 double suicide attack on the Moscow metro system.
Domodedovo airport would represent an appealing target for such militants, as it is Russia's busiest airport, serves international passengers and has a high density of potential civilian targets. Its security was breached in 2004 when suicide bombers bribed their way through security checks to board two passenger planes which they subsequently brought down with the loss of 90 passengers.
My colleague Luke Harding reports that Russia's air transport agency, Rosaviatsia, said the last plane that landed at Domodedovo airport just before the explosion was from London. The explosion occurred at 4.37pm Moscow time (1.37pm GMT).
Dan Milmo, the Guardian's transport correspondent, has been in touch with BA. BA flight 872 from London to Moscow landed at 3.46pm Moscow time (12.46pm GMT) with 165 people on board. It took off again with all crew and pilots accounted for at 4.49pm Moscow time and is on its way back to London now. BA said it is trying to find out whether all the passengers are safe.
Meanwhile BMI flight BD891 landed around 4.33pm (1.33pm GMT), with 97 passengers and six crew. This was just before the explosion took place. A spokeswoman for BMI said: "All crew have been accounted for but the airline is waiting for more information on the passengers from authorities in Moscow."
As Luke Harding reports, an airport official said to Interfax that these passengers would not have been caught up in the explosion. "The plane's passengers, of course, would not have been able to get into the airport within two minutes."
Two other planes that landed shortly before the explosion flew in from Dusseldorf at 3.52pm Moscow time and from Odessa at 4.07pm, Luke reports. He adds:
Luke Harding byline. This afternoon Russia's president, Dmitry Medvedev, postponed his departure to Switzerland for the Davos World Economic Forum, his press secretary Natalya Timakova announced. Medvedev was due to fly to Davos on Tuesday. He held an emergency meeting following the blast with Russia's prosecutor general, Yury Chaika, the head of the investigative committee, Alexander Bastrykin, and transport minister, Igor Levitin.
"An explosion occurred at Domodedovo; the preliminary theory is that it is a terrorist attack, there are both deaths and injuries," Medvedev said, speaking from his official home in Gorki, outside Moscow.
Ronarid in the comments says he/she travels to Russia regularly and was in Domodedovo airport on Friday.
Comment icon: Travel It was packed, about 60% of the busiest i have seen it (in summer). Security is the same as UK airports, though anyone can walk into arrivals just as at Heathrow.
"From the preliminary information we have, it was a terror attack," Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, has told officials in a televised briefing.
The Associated Press news agency has more eyewitness reports. Sergei Lavochkin, who was waiting in the arrivals hall for a friend to arrive from Cuba, said he saw emergency teams carrying bloodied people out of the terminal.
I heard a loud bang, saw plastic panels falling down from the ceiling and heard people screaming. Then people started running away.
Warning: video contains graphic images.
A number of videos are coming in from the airport. As Luke Harding reports, this one shows the airport building full of smoke, with a body lying face down next to an airport trolley. The footage then shows a collection of dead bodies in a heap. Several people are milling around but there is little evidence of a rescue operation.
Turn off auto-refresh to watch video
Sources said that three men are suspected of plotting the explosion. The blast had the power of seven kilograms of TNT, the source added.
The attack is the most deadly in Russia since last March when two female suicide bombers from Russia's volatile Muslim-majority Dagestan region set off explosives in the metro, killing 40 people. It was Moscow's worst attack for six years.
The airport is the largest and most modern in Moscow, and is used by numerous international carriers including British Airways and BMI, which flies four times daily between London and Moscow. It is connected to the centre of the Russian capital by a high-speed express train and is the airport of choice for Moscow's large expatriate population.
Eyewitnesses said there is heavy smoke over the airport and the entry from the arrivals zone has been closed. "There is the smell of smoke at that section. No announcements have been made yet through loudspeakers," passengers reported via Twitter. Other Twitter users citing emergency staff at the scene said up to 70 people may have been killed.
Investigators said they believed the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber. "The preliminary reports suggest that the explosive device was activated at the international arrivals section by a suicide bomber," one source said. Several international planes were diverted to Sheremetyevo airport, with the airport temporarily closed to incoming planes.
Today's attack on Moscow's busiest airport is likely to be blamed on Islamist radicals, and is another grim sign that terror has returned to the Russian capital. The Kremlin has repeatedly insisted the situation in Russia's violent North Caucasus has stabilised, following two brutal federal wars against Chechen rebels in 1994-1996 and 1999-2005.
Today's airport bombing on an obvious target – following last year's attack on the metro – suggests this claim is a fairy-tale.
In reality, the Russian state is fighting a worsening insurgency all across its mountainous southern frontier, waged by a group of determined and well-organised Islamist insurgents. Their aim is to establish a pan-Islamic caliphate. The republics of Ingushetia, Chechnya, and Dagestan – where the insurgents operate – are gripped by civil war, with daily attacks on police and local security forces.
The Kremlin has responded to this threat to its integrity with characteristic brutality. It has launched a series of special operations. Last year its special forces killed Said Buryatsky – a top rebel and Russian-born Islamist convert – in a village in Ingushetia.
Another insurgent leader – Egyptian-born Saif Islam – was killed in Dagestan. These killings may have prompted the two women to set off to Moscow last spring on a revenge suicide mission.
In 2008 Doku Umarov, Chechnya's most senior surviving rebel leader, promised to take his violent campaign to Russia's towns and cities. He indicated he had reconstituted the suicide brigades used to devastating effect during the second Chechen war – which saw the bombing of the Moscow metro in 2004, as well as the hijacking of a Moscow theatre and the siege of Beslan, a school in south Ossetia in which 300 people, mainly children, died. It appears that the rebels have again demonstrated a capacity to strike deep into the heart of the Russian state.
The Reuters news agency is reporting that Russia's rouble-dominated stock market MICEX (.MCX) fell by nearly 2% following the blast, which took place at 1.32pm GMT.
Reuters reports:
Smoke wafted out of the baggage hall and people were seen running out of the emergency exits at the airport, local media reported. The investigative committee of the prosecutor's office said the bomb had been classified as a terrorist attack – the first of its kind in the Russian heartland this year.
Reuters links the blast to Islamist rebels in Russia's mainly Muslim North Caucasus, who were planning to increase their campaign in the Russian heartland this year as the country prepares for presidential elections in 2012.
The Kremlin is struggling to contain an Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus, and rebels have repeatedly vowed they will take their battle to the Russian heartland.
Security has been beefed up at Moscow's other two airports, which will also receive diverted passengers who were flying towards Domodedovo, media reported.
The Associated Press is reporting that the explosion tore through the international arrivals hall at Domodedovo airport in Moscow.
AP reports: "The state RIA Novosti news agency, citing sources in law enforcement, said the explosion at Domodedovo Airport may have been caused by a suicide bomber."
The news agency says Moscow police have been put on high alert and have beefed up their patrols on the city's underground train system, a previous target for terrorists.
Mark Green, a British Airways passenger who had just arrived at the airport, told BBC television he heard the huge explosion as he was leaving the terminal:
Literally, it shook you. As we were putting the bags in the car a lot of alarms ... were going off and people started flowing out of the terminal, some of whom were covered in blood. One gentleman had a pair of jeans on that was ripped and his thigh from his groin to his knee was covered in blood.
He said thousands of people were in the terminal at the time of the blast.
AP provides some context about the Domodedovo airport, which is regarded as Moscow's most up to date hub, but its security procedures have been called into question:
In 2004, two suicide bombers were able to board planes at Domodedovo by buying tickets illegally from airport personnel. The bombers blew themselves up in mid-air, killing all 90 people aboard the two flights.
Built in 1964, Domodedovo is located 26 miles (42 km) southeast of the centre of Moscow and is the largest of the three major airports that serve the Russian capital, serving over 22 million people last year.
Terrorists have targeted other transport centres in Moscow.
In more recent suicide bombings, twin blasts on the underground last March killed 39 people and wounded more than 60 people.
In December 2009, Chechen rebels claimed responsibility for blowing up a high-speed train between Moscow
Dmitry Medvedev is delaying his planned trip to Davos because of the bombing, BBC News is reporting.
BMI airline operates two flights daily into Domodedovo airport. A spokeswoman said flight BD891 landed at 4.30pm local time with 97 passengers on board.
She said all the passengers had disembarked before the incident happened.
All the BMI crew are accounted for. We are waiting for information about whether the passengers were caught up in the incident from the authorities in Moscow.
The Foreign Office is "urgently investigating" whether any British nationals may have been caught in the Russian airport bombing; there are no reports of any British people being affected at the moment.
A Foreign Office spokeswoman said:
We've seen reports of an explosion at Domodedovo airport in Moscow and are urgently investigating. Consular staff including the consul general are on their way to the airport. We are making contact with the Russian authorities to see exactly what has happened. We are also making contact with the British airlines using Domodedovo. There are no reports yet of injured British nationals.
Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, has vowed to track down and punish those behind the attack, which took place at Russia's biggest airport.
Writing on Twitter, Medvedev said:
Live blog: Twitter Security will be strengthened at large transport hubs. We mourn the victims of the terrorist attack at Domodedovo airport. The organisers will be tracked down and punished.
At least 31 people have been killed and scores injured in a suspected suicide bomb blast at Moscow's Domodedovo airport today, according to reports.
The Russian state news agency said around 130 people have been injured in the explosion.
Smoke was seen billowing out of the baggage claim area with people running out of the emergency exits at the airport, local media reported.
A traveller, identified as Viktor, told the Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei radio station:
There was an explosion, a bang. Then I saw a policeman covered in fragments of flesh and all bloody. He was shouting: "I've survived! I've survived!"
We will bring you more here as soon as we get it.

WIKILEAKS LEAKS: New blog spot

Joanna Yeates family prepares for funeral

Vincent Tabak to appear at Bristol magistrates charged with murder of 25-year-old landscape architect
Joanna Yeates murder
Floral tributes at the spot on Longwood Lane, near Failand, North Somerset, where Joanna Yeates's body was found on Christmas Day. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA
The father of Joanna Yeates said today that her family was now focusing on her funeral as her neighbour, Vincent Tabak, prepared to face magistrates charged with her murder.
David Yeates said he did not know if he and his wife, Teresa, would attend Bristol magistrates tomorrow , where Tabak is due to appear accused of killing the 25-year-old landscape architect. But he said they did want to see the Dutch architectural engineer in the flesh soon.

Police charged Tabak, 32, with Yeates's murder on Saturday. Announcing the development, Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones, who is leading the inquiry, praised Yeates's family and her boyfriend, Greg Reardon.

"I would like to pay tribute to Jo's family and Greg for their assistance and dignity in the most difficult of circumstances. Their support to us has been invaluable," he said.

Speaking at the family's home in Hampshire, Mr Yeates, an IT worker, said: "We feel a lot of relief to reach this stage. We don't yet know if we will go to magistrates court, but we do want to see Vincent Tabak some time.

I believe he will probably be sent to crown court next week and we will go to that hearing. The most important thing now to us is Jo's funeral. We have a date in mind and all the paperwork is being done for her to come back here – she is going through the official process.

"Her funeral will also be closure on a certain part of the process we find ourselves in and it is something we have to go through. It will be the worst day of our lives."

"We have just been trying to understand what happened from the time Jo left home that day to the time she was found at the side of the road. We have been desperately trying to put a story together in our own minds from the information we have had – we have spent many, many hours doing this.

"Hopefully, we will eventually get those answers." Joanna Yeates was last seen alive on 17 December. She left the Ram pub near Bristol city centre, where she had been drinking with colleagues, and walked home to Clifton, stopping at three shops. Her body was found on a roadside verge three miles away on Christmas morning. She had been strangled.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jo Yeates: Two children and two mothers broken hearts...

My Vincent was 'normal' on trip home says mother

by DANIEL BOFFEY in Eindhoven
Dutch architect Vincent Tabak at work presentation in January 2009
Dutch architect Vincent Tabak at work presentation in January 2009
The mother of Vincent Tabak broke her silence last night to back her son – insisting he was acting ‘normally’ in the week following Joanna Yeates’s death.

Mr Tabak left Bristol for a family holiday in Holland two days after Miss Yeates was reported missing.

He was only arrested last week after his return to the UK.
His mother, Sonja, who is in her 70s, admitted that she was very worried for her son. She claimed that his behaviour had been the ‘same as usual’ during his break in Holland with his brother, two sisters, nieces and nephews in a rented house in the countryside.

Mrs Tabak, who has lived alone in Arnhem since the death of her husband two years ago, added:

‘I saw Vincent between Christmas and New Year. He came home to Holland. We were all glad [to see him]. We see less of each other now that he is in England.
‘He was the same as usual.’

She added: ‘It’s a worrying time, it is very difficult for everyone. I am waiting for a call for someone to explain what is happening. It is difficult to talk to his girlfriend as she speaks English and I don’t.’

Mr Tabak lived with girlfriend Tanja Morson, 34, in a flat next door to Miss Yeates. He returned to the UK after the New Year, according to a friend.

It is understood he had separated from his girlfriend, but Mrs Tabak said she believed he had been enjoying his life in the UK – where he worked as a ‘people flow analyst’ for the firm Buro Happold in Bath.

Last night his brother Marcel, who lives in Doornenburg, east of Amsterdam, said: ‘His behaviour [at Christmas] was normal. He’s a lovely guy – mild-mannered and very friendly.’

Read more:

Jo Yeates that the killer has been caught here is another theory, one of so many and the mystery of the Pizza

This is something different, but I have to write about this...

These are just my personal thoughts, and I want to get them out in the open. I think a lot.....

The murder of this girl, Joanna Yeates crosses my mind almost everyday, I even dreamed about her and in that dream, the person who killed her has an online connection, so may even have been an online stalker.

I have thought about so many theories on who killed her. I think the person who killed her definitely knew her. I'm not so sure it was the landlord, although he comes across as an eccentric character. Anyway, the things that point to the fact that she knew her killer are as follows:

Despite it being a very cold day, she had left her coat inside the house. Her boots were also inside the house, so were her keys. If she didn't have her keys, how was she supposed to get back inside the house, due to the fact that the boyfriend was away, unless she let her assailant into the house, or the person was someone she knew, who had a key. The possibility that she may have popped out of the house quickly to meet someone or open the front door is there.

The boyfriend, nobody appears to be saying much about this guy, I saw one news story with him in it and I can't say I was convinced by what I saw of him being inconsolable. Of course, I could be wrong. I must say he has a very good alibi, the car broke down, landlord jump started the car and off he went to spend the week-end with his half-brother.

I think there was more than one killer, although I may be wrong.

I also think the killer or killers may speak more than one language.

I think the person who killed her, is someone who is in the same industry as her, in the building and construction industry or architectural field. I just have a feeling, although I may be wrong but you can meet  a variety of people in that industry.

Killer is someone who is an obsessive stalker type person, who in my opinion probably objected to her alcohol consumption. I just have a hunch from what I have seen on the news reports.

I find it odd that after leaving a pub, where she had drank for several hours with work colleagues that she went off to buy yet more alcohol, two bottles of cider. One of the bottles of cider half consumed was found in the house. Some men object, quite strongly, to women drinking alcohol.

The pizza may have been taken by the killer, I have been reading that a strange note was received at the  Bristol ram pub, where she was socialising with her work colleagues.
The murderer(s), most likely male, although the possibility of it being a woman is also there. Agewise, the attacker would probably be someone in their mid-late twenties or an older person.

As far as DNA is concerned, it is interesting to take DNA from all males in Bristol, however, how do we know that the person who killed her actually lives in Bristol or is even still in Bristol? The murderer could be from the surrounding areas around Bristol.

From the various comments and news reports, there is a clue there about someone with a foot fetish, why else would her sock disappear?

Also, this is going to sound strange, but how do we know that the person who killed her did not have access to listen to her phone calls and was able to eavesdrop on her conversations and therefore know of her plans and movements? I have been reading about equipment available that can be used to eavesdrop on people's phone calls, this is not a myth, but a fact.

There is a lot more that I want to add, but I will add it later.

Update 13th January 2011:

I have been following this story closely. I've just seen a few clips. Personally, I think the Police should question everyone in her inner circle, including colleagues at work. That's just my opinion. I still feel that she knew her killer, this would explain how the person or persons were able to dodge all the CCTV cameras by taking an alternative route. She was strangled, some say that this type of method is a crime of passion, so possible motive could be jealousy on the part of her attacker.

It seems that Joanna was a very successful person, nice job, nice little flat, in a relationship, family circle. These kind of things could make certain people, especially those with a jealous streak who don't have those things very angry and resentful indeed. Possibility of a male of female here.

Seems  to be a pre-planned thing as far as I can see.

There was mention of a friend that Joanna had not seen for some time who had been sent a text, who unfortunately was "sleeping" and missed her text, otherwise would have been able to save her. Have the Police questioned this individual?

Her social networking habits could hold some vital clues as well, hopefully the Police are checking back on all these logs and files, which are kept anyway, so it makes sense for them to check these for clues.

Saliva was found on her, but apparently no other tampering with her, according to what I have read. Makes me wonder, did her attacker spit on her or kiss her or shout in her face, hence the presence of the saliva on her. Also, if her attacker was female, that could explain why no sexual motive, if male, however, it could be that the person(s) did not have an opportunity to do anything.

The maniac(s) needs to be caught.

Update 14th January 2011

I have been thinking about this case...

There is so much going on, so many clues and so much info out there, I just hope the police move quickly and not at their usual snail pace and bust the criminal who killed this girl.

I think we are dealing with a psycho maniac here, and in order to prevent anyone else from getting killed, this nutter needs to be found ASAP. Also, with things like this, well in the past anyway, the most unlikely person is usually the perpetrator of the crime, so....

DNA should be taken from all in her inner circle including close friends, both male AND female.

Sorry to say it, and some people are going to think I am mean, but I really don't care, I think the best friend comes across as a suspect too. Best to get that DNA sample and eliminate all these people from the enquiries immediately, this way we aren't looking at them suspiciously, because personally, I'm very suspicious. I think  this way, the eye of suspicion can also be drawn away from the landlord, boyfriend and best friend, friend who she texted but was sleeping, all social networking contacts, etc with production of a simple DNA sample.

People who genuinely want to help to find her killer(s) would willingly give a DNA sample and be eliminated from enquiries, if they have nothing to hide, in my opinion.

That's just what I think anyway.

After watching some video clips yesterday, and having a think about this today, I think they should test all that know her for DNA because, she knew her killer. If you are female and it's late and you are home alone, you are going to think twice before you just open the door to just anyone. The landlord claims he saw her leaving with two people, probably two people that she knows. One possible explanation for the reason that she was found over the bridge, which seems some distance from her flat, is that she may have gone there for a chit chat or talk with someone that she knows. According to the video footage of her friend, the Clifton suspension bridge was a favourite haunt of theirs and they used to spend considerable amounts of time there when they were younger. There may have been a vehicle involved, and may explain why she didn't have shoes, maybe she wore her slippers or some other easy to put on footwear? On the other hand, if the person who killed her had a foot fetish, it could explain why there were no shoes. He or she may have taken them, therefore, are any of her shoes or footwear missing?

When I first heard about this story, I found it odd that the pizza, off all things, was missing. Not her purse, not her mobile phone, but a pizza? It leads me to believe that the pizza may have been taken to eat on the way, that is if the pizza was ever opened or unwrapped. The attacker may have just taken the whole pizza, but why the pizza, not her money or valuables. It leads me to think that the person who killed her did not need money and was maybe someone who was hungry? It would be interesting to know whether the area is frequented by any homeless people or people living rough, and if she knew any of these people. Just another thought that came into my head.

Update 16th January 2011

I have been reading about another lady, Glenis Carruthers, who was strangled in 1974. It had crossed my mind that there is a possibility that it could be the same person who killed Joanna, otherwise it could be a copycat killer.

Another thought that crossed my mind was, maybe Joanne knew something. Maybe she had found out some information, possibly to do with her work and someone wanted to keep her quiet about this. Well, some people will say, hmmm, that's a conspiracy, well, actually, anything is possible, these days. Sometimes, you may unwittingly come across some information and to make sure you don't share it with anyone, there are people out there who are willing to kill people to keep them quiet. It's just a fact.

The thought had passed my mind that maybe she was having, or had had an affair, but having read an article a few days after I thought about it, her parents said she played it straight, so I really didn't know what to think after that.

Update 20th January 2011

After reading a few news stories on this murder, they say that Joanna did not eat the pizza, and seeing as there was also no trace of this elusive pizza anywhere, theory I have is that she could have bought the pizza for someone and dropped it off or gave it away before she reached home. Maybe she  got a lift home and left the pizza in the car? This could explain why the pizza is missing and no packaging found anywhere. I am assuming that the police obviously checked the fridge or possibly freezer for the pizza? Otherwise, killer took it.

I still find it odd that the police keep harping on about her boyfriend being away and not a suspect. Very strange as history has taught us that just because people are actively helping with an investigation, this does not mean that they are necessarily innocent. Soham murders immediately comes to mind.

Also, the person who killed her knew the area extremely well in order to evade all the CCTV cameras. This suggests that it was a pre-planned thing. I mean who really knows where all the CCTV cameras are located in a given area?

These are just some of my theories on what happened.

Just my thoughts.

Further update 20th January 2011 @15:57

After posting the above update on my thoughts, I woke up today having read the latest headlines, to find that the police have arrested Joanna Yeates's neighbour Vincent Tabak. He is a 32 year old Architect, of Dutch origin, who lives in the neighbouring flat to Joanna. This is interesting news indeed.

Would be interesting to see if the police have finally nailed the killer? I suppose time will tell.

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