Monday, June 27, 2011

Author David Bret on the legendary Liz taylor

Elizabeth Taylor with Rock Hudson on the set of Giant

Elizabeth Taylor with Rock Hudson on the set of Giant

Photograph by: Getty Images Files, Vancouver Sun

Celebrity biographer David Bret writes that Elizabeth Taylor was really like three women rolled into one: The film star, the incredibly inefficient wife and greedy despot and the saint.

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David Bret:Llooking back when Stars were Stars

Tony Blackburn :If you missed Pick Of The pops,here's the direct link

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebration of life for teen who died with dog.

The largest natural breasts in the world and their owner !

Annie Hawkins-Turner
Bullied: Annie Hawkins-Turner, who has the world's largest natural breasts, told UK TV show This Morning of the cruel taunts she has suffered since childhood

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It's the week-end time for French wine and Joe Dassin, the most sexiest voice in the world...whats a girl to do ?

Italian and French....for me I prefer the French version ..

Louis Walsh interviewed about alleged sexual assault ...

A 24-year-old single father claims Walsh groped him in the Krystle nightclub in Dublin on April 10.

However, police sources suggest a lack of CCTV evidence and the fact that the complainant has apparently changed his story on several occasions mean it is ‘very unlikely’ that the reality show judge will be arrested.

‘There has been a change of story a few times and there is no evidence at this stage that backs up the man’s claims,’ an insider said.

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Sisterly love....and British workmanship !

My sister has had one or two problems with her new fitted bathroom. She ordered a round sink and somehow the template on arrival was for a square sink.  British workmanship at it's best, the ' bathroom fitter' who must surely be from Irish stock,  thought he would fit the round sink into the square hole and no one would notice. Well , he was correct, no one did notice until my sisters husband was sitting doing his bodily functions , he called his wife and said 'sit here and have a look at this'. To her horror she saw a square template for a sink with a round sink stuck in the centre padded with what was left over from materials used to fit her new bathroom.

Immediately she was on the phone to complain and after a long discussion they agreed to put things right, but now the floor will have to be pulled up so the new template for a round sink may be fitted.

In between time whilst waiting, my sister has decided she will carry on grouting the tiles herself, she loves to sing and started singing ' Its a heart ache, nothing but a fools game'....referring to the shoddy workmanship when her husband burst out.....'your a 'bonnie tyler'....such is life in my sister homes...why cry when you can laugh !

Monday, June 20, 2011

Marilyn Monroes dress from The Seven Year Itch sells for 3.2 million

Marilyn Monroe's dress from The Seven Year Itch showed a remarkable amount of female flesh for a film made in 1955.
Marilyn Monroe's dress from The Seven Year Itch showed a remarkable amount of female flesh for a film made in 1955.
Image: Matty Zimmerman/AP

Happy Birthday to a very,very special friend with a song that means so much to both of us. Have a wonderful day xxxxxx


The very late, late Marilyn Monroe 'Happy Birthday Mr.Presidnet'

Robbie Williams flashes his 'manhood' during Take That concert ! An onlooker claims he was 'UP' for it...the mind boggles !

British singer Robbie Williams suffered his second wardrobe malfunction in a week on Saturday (18Jun11) after accidentally flashing his manhood to fans during Take That's concert in Ireland.

The reformed five-piece took their Progress Live tour to Dublin at the weekend (18-19Jun11), and more than 80,000 fans flocked to the Croke Park Stadium to see the band onstage.

Williams performs his own five-song solo set during the show and during his performance of Rock DJ he thrust his hand down his trousers - and accidentally exposed his genitals to the crowd, according to Britain's The Sun.

A gig-goer tells the publication, "It was a pretty wild routine so it's no wonder it fell out. He didn't seem in a hurry to put it away.

"He was definitely up for it. He was going mental, shouting and swearing, trying to get the crowd going before shoving his hands down his keks (trousers). Even though he was like a man possessed, the ladies didn't complain."

Paul Gutierrez: Lonely Paul offers half is salary to anyone who can find him someone to love !

Desperate: 'Handsome' Paul Gutierrez is offering half his wage to whoever can find him a wife
Desperate: 'Handsome' Paul Gutierrez is offering half his wage to whoever can find him a wife

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dorothy Dandridge: And her very strange passing...

Actress Dorothy Dandridge's estate when she died consisted of $4,000 worth of furniture and $2.14 in her bank account.   Dorothy was the first black woman ever to be nominated for best actress, for her role in Carmen Jones. The irony , her singing voice was dubbed in the more.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Paedophilia: Alleged among the group of McCann doctors.

One night, when we were on holiday, the adults, in other words, the couples that I mentioned were on a patio outside the house where we were staying. We had been eating and drinking.
'I was sitting between Dave and Gerry whom I believe were both talking about Madeleine. I don?t remember the conversation in its entirety, but it seemed they were discussing a possible scenario. I remember Dave telling Gerry something like ?she?, referring to Madeleine, ?would do this?.

When he mentioned ?this?, Dave was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, whilst with the other hand he circled his nipple, with a circulating movement over his clothes. This was done in a provocative manner there being an explicit insinuation in relation to what he was saying and doing.

I remember that I was shocked at this, and looked at Gerry, and also at Dave, to see their reactions. I looked around (page 4) to see ?did anyone else hear this, or was it just me?. There was a nervous silence noted in the conversations of all the others and immediately afterwards everyone began talking again.'

"Gainsbourg's smoky voice selling perfume in France"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A couple made a deal that whoever died first would come back and
inform the other if there is sex after death.

Their biggest fear was that there was no after life at all.
After a long life together, the husband was the first to die.
True to his word, he made the first contact:

" Marion .. Marion "
"Is that you, Bob?"
"Yes, I've come back like we agreed."

"That's wonderful!   What's it like?"
"Well, I get up in the morning, I have sex. I have breakfast and then
it's off to the golf course

.I have sex again, bathe in the warm sun and then have sex a couple of more times
Then I have lunch (you'd be proud - lots of greens). Another romp
around the golf course, then pretty much have sex the rest of the
afternoon. After supper, it's back to golf course again.

 Then it's more sex until late at night. I catch some much needed sleep and then the next day it starts all over again"

"Oh, Bob are you in Heaven?"
"No...........I'm a rabbit in Arizona

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Princess Diana betrayed by her' good friend' Margaret Hodge.

Margaret Hodge, a retired teacher who worked alongside Diana, has put forward a collection that is expected to fetch £20,000 at auction.

Margaret claims to have been a close friend of Diana's, so close she is willing to flog off special notes and cards sent to her 'special friend' from Diana. Diana's private thoughts and feelings kept by Margaret not as treasures from her 'dearest friend' who died so young, but keepsakes, hoarded waiting for a rainy day.

Margaret needs the dosh and will sell to the highest bidder. Diana it would appear extended her dreadful taste in men to also include what she thought  were her 'dearest of friends'.

Tony Blackburns: Pick of the Pops !

Monday, June 6, 2011

Andrew Gold : Golden Girls theme song writer dies.

Mariah Carey : Concert promoter sentenced to prison

An man promoting bogus Mariah Carey concerts has been sentenced to 21 months in jail.

Rda Group employee Antywan Ross conned a New Jersey investor into paying him a $330,000 (Gbp206,250) loan, which he said would be used to plan a series of concerts for the Hero hitmaker in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

However, when Carey's proposed gigs never took place, and the businessman was never paid back, he launched a legal battle against Ross for the scam.
On Monday (06Jun11) a judge ordered Ross to serve 21 months behind bars and pay $325,000 (Gbp203,125) in restitution.

Ross pleaded guilty to wire fraud last year (10), according to the Associated Press.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carmen Dell' Orefice :World’s oldest working model turns 80 (she has been working since her first Vogue cover aged 15)

In an age obsessed with youth and beauty, Carmen Dell’Orefice is a welcome reminder that the two are not inextricably linked.

The veteran model this weekend celebrated her 80th birthday as she continues to be a hit on the catwalk.

The style icon and birthday girl has been modelling ever since she got on the cover of Vogue in 1946 at 15 years old.
Still got it: Octogenarian Carmen Dell'Orifice is still in high demand for catwalk shows and campaigns
Still got it: Octogenarian Carmen Dell'Orifice is still in high demand for catwalk shows and campaigns

The grey-haired beauty is still in demand and this year walked at Alberta Ferretti’s Pitti Uomo show and Adrienne Vittadini’s Lincoln Center presentation.

In her 66 year career, Ms Dell’Orefice has graced the cover of Vogue six times and been the face of 14 cosmetic campaigns.
She had posed for photography legends including Richard Avedon, Irvin Penn, Cecil Beaton and Norman Parkinson.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ronan Parke : Britains got Talent and the e.mail they don't want you to see !

Rumours spreading thick and fast ..only time will tell if this is another Simon Mr.Botox Cowell Pr stunt, or has the show been fixed and if it has, do we really care ?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Simon Mr.Botox Cowell, accused once more of 'fixing' his show Britains got Talent !

Not the first time allegations have been made about this so called 'talent show' and if true and Ryan aged 12, is the best they can 'fix' to win, then clearly Britain has not got talent.

Caroline Louise Forsling sues Estée Lauder over 'old' anti aging ad ! How utterly ridiculous you are Caroline, however a good PR stunt and once more your wrinkly face has hit the tabloids !

A top model has filed a lawsuit against Estée Lauder over claims that it labelled her as 'old' in an advertisement for anti-ageing skincare.

Caroline Louise Forsling is suing the cosmetics giant for $2million, alleging that it used her image without permission in the ad for Plantscription serum by Origins, a brand which is owned by Estée Lauder.

The Swedish beauty, who is 35 according to public records, claims that her career has been 'irreparably' damaged by the poster, which reads that the product was tested on women aged 45-60.
'Irreparable damage': Model Caroline Louise Forsling claims that Origins, which is owned by Estée Lauder, branded her 'old' when it used her image without permission in an ad for its Plantscription serum
'Irreparable damage'

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A very special song...when you feel you just can't go on, there is always someone there to help you through. Be strong.