Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diet 'can reverse kidney failure' in mice with diabetes

The researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York used mice with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Once kidney damage had developed, half the mice were put onto the ketogenic diet for eight weeks.
It is also questionable whether the diet used in this model would be sustainable for humans, even in the short term.”
The highly controlled diet, which is 87% fat, mimics the effect of starvation and should not be used without medical advice.
After eight weeks the researchers noted that kidney damage was reversed.

Mighty Mouse
Graphic: Louis Turner

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hope everyone enjoyed the are some images of Easter around the world , enjoy...

Nina Carter: Still a pin-up after four decades, 58-year-old former Page 3 girl ...

I Lean: Seeing-Eye-Goose Befriends Blind Dog


A blind boxer named Baks has gotten a whole new lease on life thanks to a good samaritan goose named Buttons. Yes, you read that right. This is not a joke. 
Baks has been taken under the 'wing' of Buttons, a four-year-old goose who now leads her vision-impaired pal around everywhere either by hanging onto him with her neck, or by honking to tell him which way to go. How hilarious is that?!
Owner Renata Kursa of Lublin, Poland, was heartbroken when poor lil' Bak was left blind after an accident last year. But gradually Buttons got him up on his feet and starting walking him around. They're inseparable now - they even chase the postman together,' Kursa tells the Telegraph UK.
Go Buttons! What's good for the goose is also apparently good for...the...boxer.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

John Sullivan , with the sad news of John's death led me to search for one of the funniest moments from Only Fools and Horses and for me it has to be Tony Angelinos ' cwying'

For those who do not know the background to this episode, Del goes in search of a partner to sing with his girlfriend Raquel...what Del does not know until Tony starts to sing is he can only sing songs without 'R's' in them....

Penguin giggling and loving to be tickled...I want a penguin...

Michael Douglas: Catherine was outed...

...Catherine may have been 'outed' but possibly Michael does not realise the strain of being a 'carer' . When your spouse is fighting cancer...sometimes it is all too much to bear and I am not in the least surprised Catherines mind needs to take a holiday , she has been to hell and back, as for Michael, he is still living it....five long years before he gets the REAL all clear.

AUTHOR: Charles Hill. The OLINDA Angel...

"When I started to grow old, my life took on a strange pattern. Rather than moving towards peace and stability, I began to think about murder," writes the author of this curious and compelling work, C. A. R. Hills. He continues: "Olinda is a place in Brazil, and I saw a picture of an angel in my hotel there, which seemed like an emblem of the utterly ambiguous mesh of feelings I was in when I contemplated murder. I could never return to the angel,  the feelings, or the book. But I hope it might interest you to read what I succeeded in writing."

AUTHOR: C.A.R Hills...Home thoughts from Abroad.... a wonderful song for anyone who feels just a little homesick maybe ?

Lyrics:  Home Thoughts From Abroad.

I could be a millionaire if I had the money
I could own a mansion, no I don't think I'd like that
But I might write a song that makes you laugh, now that would be funny
And you could tell your friends in England you'd like that
But now I've chosen aeroplanes and boats to come between us
And a line or two on paper wouldn't go amiss
How is Worcestershire? Is it still the same between us?
Do you still use television to send you fast asleep?
Can you last another week? Does the cistern still leak?
Or have you found a man to mend it?
Oh, and by the way, how's your broken heart?
Is that mended too? I miss you
I miss you, I really do.

I've been reading Browning, Keats and William Wordsworth
And they all seem to be saying the same thing for me
Well I like the words they use, and I like the way they use them
You know, Home Thoughts From Abroad is such a beautiful poem
And I know how Robert Browning must have felt
'Cause I'm feeling the same way about you
Wondering what you're doing and if you need some help
Do I still occupy your mind? Am I being so unkind?
Do you find it very lonely, or have you found someone to laugh with?
Oh, and by the way, are you laughing now?
'Cause I'm not, I miss you
I miss you, I really do.

I really do.

Liz Taylor: Larry Fortensky fondly known as 'Larry the Lion' said he would never kiss and tell... but that was last week and he really does need the dosh...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chris Jefferies, a reminder of the torment and vilification poured on Mr.Jefferies...The Sun, as usual ,the worst offender.

Landlord Chris Jefferies who was vilified by the media during the investigation into the disappearance of Jo Yeates, is to sue a number of British tabloids...

Ms Yeate's landlord, Chris Jefferies, was released on police bail
Ms Yeate's landlord, Chris Jefferies, was released on police bail

The landlord arrested on suspicion of murdering Joanna Yeates has launched legal action against a series of newspapers, it was announced today.

Former public school teacher Chris Jefferies, 66, was quizzed for several days over the murder of his neighbour in Bristol before being released from police bail without charge last month.
He has started libel and privacy claims against The Sun, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Record over articles published in December and January, his lawyers said.
Further claims are expected to be launched against local newspapers over the next few weeks.
A statement on behalf of his legal team read: "Mr Jefferies will not be making any statement about these claims until their conclusion, which he hopes will be in the very near future."
Mr Jefferies is represented by Louis Charalambous, of Simons Muirhead & Burton, who won £600,000 libel damages for Robert Murat after he was falsely accused of involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Smiley Culture: Angry protest at death of Smiley...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Khimki forest...please sign the petition and save the forest..thank-you member Evgenia Chirkova is a mom in Khimki, a town on the outskirts of Moscow. The agents showed up at her house without warning. They accused her of beating and starving her children and threatened to take her kids away, even though they later admitted they had no evidence. 

Why? Because Evgenia is a leader of a courageous fight to save the Khimki forest from a league of corrupt forces, including the Russian government. She's been harassed and threatened. Some of her fellow protesters have been arrested and beaten –– one journalist was brutalized so badly that he now has to use a wheelchair. He can no longer speak.

All because they want to stop the destruction of one of the few protected old-growth forests in all of Russia -- a forest critical to the entire ecosystem around Moscow.

It's an incredible story, one that starts with a corrupt deal to build a $1 billion highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg right through the Khimki forest, even though other routes were easily available.  

After she discovered the proposed plan, Evgenia and others started the "Save Khimki Forest" movement. In a country fed up with rampant corruption, human rights abuses and environmental degradation, their movement struck a nerve. 

Last summer, thousands of people demonstrated in Moscow's center, leading to President Medvedev's unprecedented action of holding a public discussion on the proposed highway. The Associated Press has labeled their movement "Russia's broadest protest movement in years."

But now President Medvedev has said that the government won't budge. And while Evgenia and her fellow protesters risk their personal safety to keep on fighting, Vinci's bulldozers may start taking down the Khimki forest within weeks, or even days.

But Evgenia is not done fighting yet –– and neither are we. Please sign her petition to tell Vinci not to destroy the Khimki forest: 

Thanks for taking action,
- Patrick and the team

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Soham families: The Independent has confirmed a stooge from Murdochs empire hacked into the telephones of one or both families of the murdered girls.

GUIDO FAWKES: I missed this in January, always nice to put a face to the blogger...

Paul Staines: 'I pummel them until they beg for mercy'

Interview: Political blogger, aka Guido Fawkes, on his acid house past, Julian Assange, and Westminster 'lowlifes'
Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes
Man behind the mask … Staines describes his own politics as ‘anarcho-libertarian, or Thatcherite on drugs’. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian
'You know that's the rumour, don't you?" confides Paul Staines, as he tells a tale about A Very Senior Politician which would send the proverbial bombshell through Westminster should it ever enter the public domain. It's just the kind of lethal gossip that has made Staines, as his blogging persona Guido Fawkes, one of the most feared and influential forces in British public life.

Since Guido's Order-Order blog went live in 2004, it has exposed MPs' petty expenses fraud, forced Peter Hain to resign from his cabinet post over undeclared campaign donations and, most spectacularly, brought down Damian McBride, Gordon Brown's political enforcer, in the Smeargate affair.

But Staines's tentacles reach much further. He is that rarest of beasts – an independent publisher making money out of the internet. He also runs Message Space, a profitable company that hosts viral marketing campaigns and sells ads across a network of 30 political blogs. Despite his daily taunting of Labour's leading lights, Message Space handles the business of several left-of-centre websites and includes the TUC among its clients.

Staines describes his own politics as "anarcho-libertarian, or Thatcherite on drugs". So is he the Joker in Westminster's Gotham City, a gleefully malevolent presence causing havoc, or is there a deeper political motive? "I wanted to undermine politicians on their moral high horse," he says. "It was to highlight hypocrisy. Because they are a bunch of sleazy, underhand lowlifes. I don't think that's generalising."

Poll ratings

He is most proud of Smeargate, which revealed that McBride was sending scurrilous emails about Conservatives that might be used in a Labour-supporting gossip website. "Labour's poll ratings dropped five points," Staines recalls. "Some Tory people told me it was a game-changer." The day Brown stormed around No 10 complaining about a Guido post was also a highlight. "I'm quite pleased that Gordon's been driven even madder by my teasing him."
Guido's determination to be first with the latest rumour, backed up by high-grade sources, has challenged the lobby system, which, he argues, relies too much on cosy collusion between journalists and contacts.

"Politicians don't have to talk to me," Staines says. "I pummel them until they start begging for mercy and then they become more helpful." But he's also a useful resource for newspapers, since he is freer to air unsubstantiated allegations which they can then report. Guido's instant response to Alan Johnson's resignation – a post alleging an affair with a civil servant – was reported by the Daily Telegraph. That was before an affair between Johnson's wife and his protection officer came to light.

The blog also caused a furore by revealing that William Hague had shared a room with a male assistant before last year's general election. Hague threatened legal action if false stories about him appeared and then made a personal statement, denying rumours about his sexuality and explaining why he and wife, Ffion, had been unable to have children. A ruthless intrusion? "I think it's odd that a millionaire, a middle-aged man shares a room with a male special adviser. I said no more than that. I think Hague panicked and gave that rather over-the-top answer."

How would Staines, a married father, feel if his own private life came under similar scrutiny? "I've developed a thick skin. But I'm ferociously protective of my family. One thing's for sure, I'm never going to have an affair." So if sex is out, what about drugs? "If anyone wants to send me any more drugs, please do."

His libertarian attitude to them hasn't changed since he became a spokesman for a company running illegal raves at the peak of the 80s acid house scene. "I went to a rave and took ecstasy and acid for the first time. I completely lost it but I had a great time," he recalls. When he was offered video footage of a former cabinet minister "getting stoned" at a music festival, he declined to use it, he says, because he hadn't voted to tighten the laws on soft drug use. "But if, for instance, David Cameron was snorting cocaine with Jeremy Clarkson and Rebekah Brooks at one of their Oxfordshire weekends, I think he would be in a lot of trouble," he jokes.

Why hasn't Guido pursued the political power nexus between News Corp and the Cameron clan with the same vigour he employs to uncover politicians' secrets? "The BBC is the pervasive influence on our society," he argues. "It is monolithic and uses all of its old-school-tie contacts. I don't think Rebekah comes from that background. At least with Murdoch you know where you stand." The Guardian targeted Andy Coulson over the phone-hacking affair "as a proxy because you all hate News International," he claims.

Staines is unlikely, however, to be invited to any Oxfordshire soirees. He guarded his anonymity until Guido was unmasked in 2007. He once worked for a shadowy rightwing foreign policy thinktank that advocated sending US arms to the Contras in Nicaragua. A period as a City trader ended when he declared himself bankrupt in 2003 following litigation over a bad debt. His business is based offshore in Nevis "as a litigation shield"; he has "never been successfully sued but many have tried".

In 2007, he helped WikiLeaks publish a confidential memo about Northern Rock under the threat of a court injunction. But he doesn't share Julian Assange's desire for the spotlight. "Julian is a difficult character to deal with," Staines says. "He's a bit prickly." Staines suggested that Assange redact the personal email address of a leading Jewish lawyer involved in the Northern Rock "superinjunction" to avoid antisemitic hate mail, and was disappointed when he published it anyway. He believes WikiLeaks is now too big a target and will be supplanted by a new wave of smaller, "mini-leaks" sites.

Relentlessly negative

Staines is already grooming his successor, Harry Cole, who blogged as Tory Bear and now writes most of the Order-Order stories. Is Guido preparing to retire? "Sometimes I think it's corrosive to my soul to be as relentlessly negative and cruel as I am."

Although the blog attracts nearly 2m views a month, it is the Message Space umbrella of political sites which brings in the cash (the combined Order-Order and Message Space turnover is believed to be about £150,000 a year) and allows Staines to employ a full-time advertising sales team. The company has just agreed a deal to run the "No to AV" voting referendum web campaign, using social media to target key opinion-formers. "You've got to be across the political spectrum because commercial and public affairs advertisers want to reach a Labour, Tory and increasingly a Lib Dem web audience," he says.

Paradoxically, Staines, the free-market capitalist, has built an almost monopolistic position in the UK political web space. Rival political sites either give up or come to work for Guido, who sucks up all the hottest gossip. Stories with a particularly high value are farmed out to Sunday newspapers for a price, to help fund the business. Message Space dominates political advertising, operating digital campaigns for clients ranging from Tribune magazine to Tory Radio.

Perhaps it's Guido, the man politicians fear to cross, who should be referred to the Competition Commission? "It's very hard now for people to break through," he admits. "You do have an incredible first-mover advantage. But there are still new blogs bubbling under like Political Scrapbook, which has the right attitude. It's hard to create a leftwing version of me because of political correctness."

Is he planning an international network of Guido sites? Washington doesn't interest him but Staines, who splits his time between the UK and Ireland, reveals that he has "bought a couple of URL addresses in India". He reluctantly abandoned plans to create a Guido for the City after accepting that FTSE 100 firms will reach for a writ at the first hint of an embarrassing revelation, unlike MPs.

Unfortunately for the Westminster "lowlifes", Guido isn't done plotting yet. "There is a certain trembling fear I put into politicians when I speak to them at a drinks party. I'm probably a bad person for enjoying that. And the thing about Alan Johnson which everyone knows is that …"

Curriculum vitae

Age 43
Education Salvatorian Roman Catholic College, Harrow; Humberside College of Higher Education
Career 1987 Foreign policy analyst, Committee for a Free Britain
1989 Spokesman, Sunrise Acid House rave collective
2003 Declares himself bankrupt
2004 Creates Order-Order blog
2006 Reports allegations of John Prescott affair
2009 Smeargate allegations force the resignation of Damian McBride

Kate McCann is back in the news (was she ever out) and once again the British press refuse to report the truth. The McCanns begging for money to help in the search for their daughter? The Portuguese police, before the case was 'shelved' informed the McCanns they had a certain amount of time to ask for the case to remain open. The McCanns let this day pass without a single comment from the British press and the case was indeed shelved, to the amazement of many, a few days later the McCanns started to tell the world that no Police force was investigating in the search for their daughter..The McCanns are directors of the fund, not many people are aware of this fact , they are also unaware that the McCanns LOST their case in the Supreme Court and Dr.Goncalo Amaral is now permitted to sell his book about the investigation.(the McCanns therefore are now in a lot of debt, thats where you the public come in ) This 'creepy' story about a child abduction and the ice-cold reaction from the parents have left many with a very disturbing thought, that the McCanns know exactly what happened to Madeleine, otherwise when a police force offered to continue the search what kind of PARENT would refuse, a guilty one perhaps ? They then turned to the gullible public on a pre-text that your money was being used as they claim...see below...This is a hoax and I am stunned so many still believe this very disturbed couple and their fairy tale.

Looking for our daughter is not without significant cost.
Another way you can show your support is by continuing to help us fund the search for Madeleine.
To carry on searching for Madeleine and to ensure that the process has continued in a meaningful and proactive way, we have been able to utilise the generous donations paid in to Madeleine's Fund by the general public, libel damages paid to ourselves and our friends and money raised through a variety of fund-raising efforts. The fund has allowed;

? Our investigation team of ex-police officers to operate and conduct enquiries in the UK, Portugal and further afield.
? A Portuguese assistant/translator.
? A 24 hour telephone line with translators to receive information from the public
? Media liaison in Portugal and the UK to ensure that we convey the simple factual messages: there is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine has been physically harmed; we must keep looking for her and those who took her.
? Awareness campaigns in Portugal, Spain and further afield.
? Website hosting and development and social network site campaigns to raise awareness through the internet
? A part-time campaign coordinator

If Madeleine's Fund remains as it is, with the current rate of expenditure, it will run out in Spring 2011. This would essentially mean that any kind of proactive search for Madeleine would cease. So again we need your help. If you can,

please consider donating to Madeleine's fund.

? ?1 pays for the multi-lingual call centre availability for 1 hour
? ?2 per month pays for 12 travel packs that are distributed to holidaymakers going all over the world
? ?10 pays for 1000 posters that are translated and distributed across the world.
? ?25 pays for the access to a 24 hour multi-lingual telephone service for 1 day
? ?50 pays for the running costs of investigation office (and staff) for 2 hours
? ?420 pays for 10,000 multi-lingual prayer cards for Madeleine, with photograph and contact details
The forbidden Investigation..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rothschilds and Big Pharma Pushing Breast Cancer Drugs for Healthy Women

US confirms they are torturing Afghans for information...

Olive Smelt has died. Olive survived a brutal attack by the Yorkshire Ripper. Rest in peace sweet lady.

Exclusive: Hugh Grant Bugged the buggers...

Smiley Culture: Too many people are dying in England while in police custody, we have become a Police State. Smiley Culture will be another victim swept under the carpet if we do not speak out. The day before Smiley met his death three officers from the MET were up on charges accused of fabricating evidence to charge a student with a crime she did not commit.

Who Dunnit ? test your mind and have fun...

Barrack Obama may not be who he says he is, if true, then who the hell is he and how has he managed to become the President of the United States ?....

Nick Clegg: Rivals prince Charles for self pity...

Nick Clegg claims his son is asking why people do not like him. Nick Clegg, will he tell his son the truth or will he also lie to him...'Well son, I am a big fat liar just ask Garrys mum '

Did this British PoW really smuggle himself into Auschwitz to expose the Holocaust... or is his account pure fantasy and an insult to millions who died there?

Cameron self serving hypocrite 'slums' it in Spain...

Everything to Know About Court Reporting Schools

Daily Mail, are they ever going to come clean and admit this is not Liz Taylor?

Natalie Wood's travesty of justice: why Coroner Thomas Noguchi couldn't do more.

Natalie Wood: Natalies sister still not happy with Robert Wagners version of events...and I think many would agree with her..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

C.A.R. Hills- a writer troubled by love

Armenians and Cher...

CHER tweets beautiful images of her home..

Bob Dylan Plays Government-Approved Setlist in Beijing

Bob Dylan performed his first-ever concert in China yesterday at the Worker's Gymnasium in Beijing.  According to Billboard, the show was met with a very enthusiastic response by a 5,000 member audience that was mainly comprised of young people from China and foreigners from abroad.Photos: Early Bob Dylan
The folk rock legend played a two-hour set of songs that had been vetted by China's Culture Ministry to avoid lyrics that would offend the political sensitivities of the Chinese government and its people. As expected, Dylan's early protest songs were not included in the show, but the set did feature performances of many of his most famous compositions, such as "Like a Rolling Stone," "All Along the Watchtower," "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" and "Ballad of a Thin Man." Photos: Bob Dylan on the Cover of 'Rolling Stone'

Dylan had originally planned to play a concert in China last year, but that fell apart as a result of complications with the Culture Ministry and a reported financial dispute with a Taiwanese promoter. Last night's gig in Beijing is part of a larger Asian tour that also includes stops in Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Here is Bob Dylan's Chinese government-approved setlist from last night in Beijing, courtesy of the Dylan fan site
Bob Links:

Gonna Change My Way of Thinking
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
Tangled Up in Blue
Honest With Me
Simple Twist of Fate
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Love Sick
Rollin' and Tumblin'
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Highway 61 Revisited
Spirit on the Water
Thunder on the Mountain
Ballad of a Thin Man

Like a Rolling Stone
All Along the Watchtower

Forever Young

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cindy Jackson 52 cosmetic procedures...

The Olinda Angel....sure to be a Bestseller this summer...

"When I started to grow old, my life took on a strange pattern. Rather than moving towards peace and stability, I began to think about murder," writes the author of this curious and compelling work, C. A. R. Hills. He continues: "Olinda is a place in Brazil, and I saw a picture of an angel in my hotel there, which seemed like an emblem of the utterly ambiguous mesh of feelings I was in when I contemplated murder. I could never return to the angel,  the feelings, or the book. But I hope it might interest you to read what I succeeded in writing."