Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#JoYeates: #Tabak Kept Child Abuse Images

Vincent Tabak, the killer of Joanna Yeates, had images of children being sexually abused on his laptop and may face further prosecution, it was revealed yesterday.

It was only after the Dutch engineer, 33, was convicted of murder on Friday that Bristol Crown Court heard that he enjoyed submission pornography, surfed sex sites for escorts and had images of women being choked, in a parallel with Ms Yeates's death.

It also came to light that he faced further questioning by police relating to material discovered on his computers.

Yesterday it emerged that Avon and Somerset Police had discovered images of child pornography. An officer involved in the investigation told the Bristol Evening Post: "Tabak had 30 images depicting child pornography. They were all category four images."

There are five levels of seriousness for offences involving indecent images of children.

Category four images depict penetrative sexual activity involving a child or children, or children and adults.